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us busy with this news about food and cosmetics that contain formalin. Even some of them are not rare yan food we consume. How dangerous it is formalin? Let's try membahasnya.

Formalin is a trade name formaldehid in solution with water content 30-40 percent. In the market, formalin can be obtained in the form of already diluted, namely the degree formaldehidnya 40, 30, 20 and 10 per cent and in the form of tablets each weighing about 5 grams.

Formalin is a solution that is not very colorful and baunya puncture. In formalin metanol usually added up to 15% as a preservative.

Formalin usually be in the market with different names, among others:
Formic aldehyde
Methyl oxide
Methylene aldehyde
Methylene glycol
Polyoxymethylene glycols

Use of Formalin
Formalin is usually used for:
• bacteria so that the murderer used for cleaning: floors, boats, warehouses, and clothing.
• fly repellent and other insects.
• Materials on the making of artificial silk, coloring substances, mirror glass, and explosive materials.
• In the photography is usually used for the gelatin layer and paper.
• making material in the form of urea fertilizer.
• Materials for making perfume products.
• Materials preservative cosmetics products and the nails.
• The corrosion to the oil wells.
• Materials for foam insulation.
• Materials for the adhesive product plywood (Plywood).
• liquid pembalsam (preservative corpses).
• In a very small concentration (<1%) is used as a preservative for a variety of consumer goods such as household cleaning, liquid pemcuci plates, pelembut, nurse shoes, car shampoo, wax and carpet cleaning.

The use of formalin is a
The use of formalin is a wrong thing that be lamented.
Through a number of surveys and laboratory examination, found a number of food products and cosmetics that use formalin as a preservative.

Practices such as this one that made food producers or managers who are not responsible. Some examples of products that often contain formalin than cosmetics such as fresh fish, chicken pieces, wet noodles and know that circulating in the market. To remember, not all food products contain formalin.

Why should diwaspadai?
Formalin is a toxic material and harmful to the human health. Formalin can be absorbed by klit into the body of the network. This causes a cosmetic berformalin dangerous, than the effect to the skin itself. Formalin in the womb, such as beauty products, soap and cosmetics, will cause a reaction because the contact with the skin. This effect will be seen directly for sensitive skin.

If the body in the abortion rate, the chemical will react with almost all substances in cells so that the function of cells and causes cell death that causes the body's poisoned.

In addition, the womb of formalin in the body also causes stomach irritation, allergy, are karsinogenik (causing cancer) and a mutagen (causing changes in cell function / network), and the people who mengonsumsinya akan vomiting, diarrhea mixed with blood, urine mixed with blood, and death due to failure of blood circulation.

Formalin vapor in the air when, in the form of gas that is not colored, with a sharp odor that oppress, that stimulate the nose, throat, and eyes.

Formalin impact on human health
Acute: the effects on human health directly visible: such as irritation, allergy, redness, watery eyes, nausea, vomiting, burnt taste, stomach pain and dizziness.

Chronicles: effects on human health after exposure seen in a long period of time and repeated: possible severe irritation, watery eyes, the digestive disturbances, heart, kidney, pancreas, central nervous system, and menstruasi experiment on animals can cause cancer. Whereas in humans are suspected karsinogen (causes cancer). In the case of cosmetics, formalin can cause skin cancer.

Consume food containing formalin, side effects seen after long-term, due to accumulation of formalin in the body.

If human consumption, formalin can cause respiratory irritation in the channel, the function of the heart, kidneys, and reproductive system.

According Winarno and Rahayu (1994), the use of formalin can cause food poisoned on the human body. Symptoms usually occur between the other hard swallow, acute stomach pain accompanied by vomiting, bloody diarrhea, the incidence of depression, nervous, or circulatory disturbances. Formalin on the consumption is very high doses can cause konvulsi (strain-strain), haematuri (blood, urine) and hematomesis (vomiting blood), which ended with the death.

Formalin solution or formaldehyde (HCHO), which usually preservative for dead bodies, their use in food in high doses may cause stomach irritation, cause cancer, kidney failure, lever, spleen and damage the body's network.

How mendeteksinya
Formalin detection can only be accurately done in the laboratory using chemicals, namely through the formalin test. Formalin threshold value that can be tolerated by the body is 0.2 milligram per kilogram body weight. Immediate effect due to formalin rare. However kumulatiflah effects that need to diwaspadai. (Fernando Gazali)

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